About B Side Wine

In the early 1950s record companies introduced the two-sided 45. The "A" side played the song the record companies hoped would become a hit. But the "B" side was often the real find, frequently revealing an undiscovered gem.

Inspired by these unheralded classics, B Side wines bring this alternative sensibility to the decidedly A-list world of North Coast wine appellation. B Side wines are crafted with fruit sourced from the slightly-off-the-beaten-track vineyards. They're authentic originals: a little experimental and unexpected, crafted and perfected behind-the-scenes for those with a penchant for discovery.

B Side wines are definitely proving to be hits with those in the know.

B Side wines have garnered rave reviews, including 90-plus scores from leading wine publications. Discover a glass of the “flip side” today!